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Minda Industries company

Production processes


With over 54,000 m2 of production facilities at our plants in Spain, Mexico and Morocco, it is crucial to standardise and perfect the various phases that are part of our manufacturing process.

This standardisation is essential, because it allows us to increase our production capacity to meet the demand of our customers and comply with the tightest deadlines while maintaining the quality that characterises our products unchanged.

Planta de producción de La Carolina

The numbers vouch for us

  • 10 fully automated assembly lines 
  • 24millions of production capacity
  • 2 operators per line

High automation and control of the phases ot the production process. We have a highly qualified process engineering team who work with leading companies in the automation and industrialization sectors. Thank to all this, three new production lines have been built in the last three years. All our lines are updated periodically to achieve the best result and innovation.

Piezas saliendo de una cadena de montaje en fabrica de claxonTécnicos controlando una cadena de montaje